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Solidea Capital


Solidea Capital is a venture advisory firm that helps accelerate the growth of promising seed stage companies by providing a suite of strategic support in exchange for equity.  Solidea offers uncommon strategic guidance tailored to the unique challenges of fast-growing startups.  Our expertise helps accelerate traction in key areas including capital strategy, data-driven customer acquisition, and strategic messaging (tailored for customers, investors, partners).  Solidea also makes cash investments in many of our portfolio companies as we believe in having “skin in the game”.

the brief

Solidea approached Skye High because their website (which was built on Squarespace) was in need of a refresh — one that was as sophisticated as their competitors and parent company’s website and felt more aligned to their vision and brand. The Solidea team offers top-notch, quality service for their businesses, so it made sense that we gave them a digital presence that felt as high-end as their offerings. We decided to move their site from Squarespace to WordPress to create a more custom experience – one that could do a better job of presenting their vision and unique perspective.

“Solidea” – stands for “Solid Idea” meaning not only do they support “solid ideas” but they bring solid ideas of their own to the table.

our approach

We wanted to re-design their brand to feel modern, expansive and professional. The colors of their brand feel serious in tone yet approachable and friendly. This color balance is used throughout the website as well, as color blocks, hover animations and elsewhere to create a nice splash of color throughout the site.


As a final part of the project, we redesigned existing brand documents and presentations that Solidea uses with their companies to make them more brand-aligned and cohesive. We handed these documents off as Powerpoint Templates so they could edit them moving forward.

The RESult

Built on WordPress, this website showcases what we do best — a brand and site that feels uniquely ownable to Solidea and offers up tons of content with a user-experience that’s still clean and easy to navigate.