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Pink Chicken


Crafted from a love of motherhood, vintage textiles and sunny days, Pink Chicken makes vintage-meets-boho children’s clothes that are designed to last.

Pink Chicken needed a website that represented the quality and originality of the brand. Their previous website was functional however it lacked the design and character needed to truly represent this unique brand. Their previous e-commerce website site failed to tell the story of the company and also properly display and highlight the undeniable joyful nature of their clothing.

the brief

Pink Chicken founder, Stacey, reached out to Becca while seeking an agency partner to elevate her brand. Pink Chicken was previously build using a simple Shopify theme, and lacked a cohesive design that would elevate the brand.

our approach

We wanted to elevate the brand colors and styles to feel down to earth while also uplifting, effortless and fresh. We needed a color palette that felt like pure happiness — one that brings out the youthful nature of the brand while also feeling classic. The individual colors are bright, bold, and eye-catching, while the palette itself has a boho-chic, vintage vibe. The colors all layer beautifully and have a youthful yet sophisticated feel.

the design

Because the clothes are all so colorful, vibrant and playful, we needed a design that felt clean while also supporting the brand ethos. It couldn’t feel too simple or understated, but it also needed to feel timeless. Rather a simple white background and gray headers, we opted for alternating colored backgrounds and fun headline colors that feel a bit more inviting. We also used custom iconography and a rotating stamp throughout the site for some added playfulness.

package design

Almost a year after launching Pink Chicken’s updated brand and website, they re-engaged us for updated package design. This included designing out their bags, tissue paper, stickers, and ribbons to follow the same colorful, playful and bold branding of their website.

the result

Pink Chicken is thrilled with their new website and how it turned out. They’ve had great feedback from their customers and when COVID-19 negatively impacted their store locations, they were relieved to have a selling channel through their website that looks and feels like who they really are as a company and brand.

view the website

Becca was so easy to work with and she understood who we are as a brand immediately. There was not a lot of back and forth with the design process, she just got it/us and her ideas and her designs were perfection. She really brought our brand to life on our site giving more transparency to our community to who we really are and what is important to us.

Stacey Fraser