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Mel Robbins


Mel Robbins is an influencer, entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author of The 5 Second Rule and The High 5 Habit, and Investor. She is known for covering the George Zimmerman trial for CNN; her TEDx talk, How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over; and her best-selling audiobooks and book.

Skye High was hired as Mel Robbins’ full service agency to completely re-imagine her brand and site, to create a new digital home on WordPress to be fully customizable, flexible, and authentically represent her and her offerings. This project included (but was not limited to) the launch of her new book, The High 5 Habit, therefore included the design of her book, journal, marketing collateral, social, as well as the website.

our approach

Mel Robbins is so well-known that we had to be mindful of keeping parts of her brand in-tact that felt ownable and memorable while also creating new assets that felt fresh and more unique to Mel. We kept her script “Mel” logo, while updating the “ROBBINS” to feel more visually connected with the rest of the brand fonts. 

Part 1: Designing the Book

The first part of the project was designing the exterior, interior and flaps for her new book, The High 5 Habit, as well as it’s companion journal. This phase required countless designs and iterations, being mindful of legibility, her international audience, clarity, and conveying the idea of the book.

the book pre-launch

Once the book cover was finalized, we hit the ground running with designing out the supporting marketing efforts, including a microsite for pre-launch as well as graphics and marketing collateral for third-party re-sellers. 

extending the brand

As part of our book launch initiative, we also designed a full interactive daily journal (Coming Fall ’21), graphics for her Amazon book page, social GIF stickers and much more.


part 2: redesigning the website

The second large undertaking as part of this project was the redesign of Mel’s personal brand website: The creative brief was to create her a new digital home that felt personal while also reflected her giant fandom, countless offerings, and essentially felt as big as she is. 

how we did it

We wanted the site to feel alive, fun, unexpected – as that’s exactly what Mel is. We brought in custom highlight strokes and doodles to emphasize words and phrases, and to make the site more inviting and exciting to scroll through. We paid special attention to mobile, ensuring the experience would be seamless regardless of the device. 

The RESult

Built on WordPress, this website showcases what we do best — countless custom elements and complex functionality that feel seamless and unique to Mel Robbins and her brand.