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Becca’s a no-nonsense designer with unmatched drive, and the founder and CEO of Skye High.

Becca’s got guts.  She needed them when she designed for big name brands like Adidas and Lego.  She needed them when she climbed the ladder of ruthless advertising agencies.  But she really needed them when she quit her corporate job with just two clients, a 6-month old daughter, and a vision for Skye High.

After nearly a decade in the industry, she had a real Tony Robbins moment.  Why grind for big brands that she didn’t feel connected to?  She saw the brands with heart and purpose.  Entrepreneurs with kids, messy lives, and guts. 

So Becca assembled the smartest people she knew to create Skye High Interactive: a web design company for risk-takers like herself.

Today, Skye High is a full-service creative agency supporting a range of brands, from coaches and consumer goods to corporate and design firms.  We take passionate brands from stuck to soaring.

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The Brains

When you choose Skye High, you get access to some of the smartest, most talented people in the industry.  We’re each specialized in our own craft, so you don’t have to be your own strategist/designer/guru.

The Teamwork

Collaboration is vital to give you a competitive brand.  From your website’s color palette to the subject lines of your email funnels, no detail is forgotten.  Together, we create a brand and website that attracts and converts your dream clients.

The Support

Nothing’s worse than paying for a brand and not knowing what to do with it.  We support you through and beyond your launch, giving you the tools AND the confidence to succeed.

We had a true collaboration: Becca listened carefully to my ideas and also brought her own distinct point of view into the mix.

Elizabeth Rowe

Becca Levian

ceo, creative director

years of experience


what drives her nuts

Over-used design trends, copy-cat websites and corporate feeling WordPress Templates! So boxy!

weekend vibes

Magna-tiles on repeat, vegan sushi (yes, it’s a thing and it’s DELICIOUS) and a glass of wine (or two). 

Meet The Team

Yoni Levian


What drives him Nuts

People who ask "Can I ask you a question?"

Weekend Vibes

Latte & donuts

Kristen Tillman

Director of Copy & Strategy

What drives her Nuts

Fancy jargon that makes readers say "whaaaa?"

Weekend Vibes

Chasing after her dumbest chicken, Bubbles

Samantha Madeo


What drives her Nuts

Cluttered spaces

Weekend Vibes

Sleeping in, kitty snuggles, & mid morning walks for cold brew

Jenny Moloney

Go-To Brand Photographer

What drives her Nuts

Condescending people

Weekend Vibes

Runs at sunrise, shoots at sunset and lots of coffee in between.

Philippe Marr

Web Developer

What drives him Nuts

Designing and project management by committee (never at Skye High!)

Weekend Vibes

At the local climbing gym, on the river kayaking or watching Netflix!

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