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July 16th, 2019

5 things you should be doing on your Squarespace website

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Squarespace is one of our favorite platforms to recommend to our entrepreneur clients, both for their ease of use and customization but also for all of their tools – many of which can be easily overlooked or forgotten about! This is precisely why I’ve put together this list of my favorite tools so you can make sure you’re taking full advantage on your site!



Squarespace recently rolled out the ability to assign animations to images on your site. This way, as the user scrolls down, the images can slide up, fade in, zoom and appear in many other ways. It adds visual interest to your website so parallax isn’t the movement on the page. Here is how it looks when turned on:

To implement, just add an image to your site (as you normally would), but when you do, click on the third tab “Animations”. There you will see a whole list of animation types! Play around by clicking each one to see how your image animates in as you scroll down.


Let’s talk about another useful tool – the cover page! Most users think it’s only used as a website placeholder when your website isn’t yet live, which is true, but this is only one way the cover page can be used.

You can also use the cover page to tease an upcoming event, release, program or product that you want to gain interest on. Let’s look at the example below. I’ve been using the cover page in place of my upcoming online store, so I can briefly talk about what will be coming and also collect emails of those who are interested (for future mailings).

Aside from the example I just described, I put together a list of ways you could use it based on the design templates Squarespace offers.


  • Announce “Coming Soon” while the full site is being designed
  • Potential clients sign up for your Newsletter
  • Share a new album or CD release
  • Advertise an event or a special you’re running


I LOVE the announcement bar! It’s such an obvious and simple feature, yet so important and rarely used! This tool allows you to make “announcements” that show up on each page of your site.

I’ve seen this bar used in many ways, but at the end of the day I’d recommend one of the following to really drive traffic and ultimately make a sale.


  • Newsletter Sign Up 
  • Book a New Client
  • Offer a Limited-Time Discount (make sure to set up your discount in Squarespace though!)

Below is an example of a Announcement Bar I set up on my website to promote bookings:

To setup the announcement bar, select the Design Menu from the home screen, and then select Announcement Bar. There you can add your content and format it as you see fitting for your brand.

Make sure you add a custom URL to link users to the desired page. Once complete, enable the bar from the drop down menu, and hit SAVE! Once saved, the announcement will appear at the top of each site’s page in bold black, unless you customize the look and feel in the Style section.


This is the final step to ensuring that your site looks custom, and not like a generic Squarespace template. The favicon sets your site apart from all the generic tabs and icons in the browser, and the social image is a custom image you can set so when you share your site to Facebook, an image that accurately represents your website shows up.

Creating the Favicon

The first step will be to find an object or image that represents your brand. The best case scenario would be to use a simpler version of your logo – one that can work in a 15x15px size. This object can be as simple as your submark or as advance as a custom illustration. 

Creating the Social Share image

The social share image can be any size, but must be at least 200px × 200px. However, Facebook changes their preferred image sizes frequently. Either use an image from your website that best represents your site, or one create a unique one (like I did below).

Adding the favicon and Social Share image to Squarespace: 

Once you have selected your images, it’s time to upload it.

  1. From the Home page, select the Design Tab
  2. Select Logo & Title and scroll down
  3. Upload your favicon and social share image in the space provided. Finally, hit SAVE!

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