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January 20th, 2021

Should I hire an agency or a freelance designer?

Agency Advice

To answer this question, the first question I would ask is,

“What are you looking to have done?”


If you’re in need of a brochure design, social media templates, or another one-off project and you already have a set of brand guidelines, you might only need to hire a freelance designer. And where, you may ask, can you find talented freelancers? Behance and Dribbble are two of our favorite resources, and they’re both known for having a large library of wildly talented freelancers.

But wait a second! Before you go running off to google to find your next designer, make sure you’ve checked the box on these key questions:

  • Can you find multiple examples of the work you’re looking for in their portfolio?
  • Do they have any references or testimonials you can look up to make sure they’re legit?
  • Do their prices seem fair and competitive (if they’re too low, I start to get a bit suspicious)?
When to hire an agency:

If you’re in need of a more complex, full-service ask, such as a full brand package or website design & build, I would always recommend you go agency route instead of freelancer. Why? Simple:

In my 15 years in this industry, I have yet to come by a unicorn individual who is equally as talented in strategy, copywriting, design and development… it’s just not possible – and if they DO exist, I’ll bet you they charge WAY more than you’re willing to pay!

Agencies tend to hire a diverse group of people across a multitude of roles to create a well-rounded team. When you’re looking to build an effective, beautifully designed and custom website, you need a team that will work together to collaborate on your website. Take Skye High for example: we have a full team at our disposal so depending on the ask, we know who to bring in. We’re still “boutique” aka small enough that you can skip a lot of the large-agency rigamarole, but we still treat our projects with an agency mentality.

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