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Our brand packages are thoughtfully created to help you evolve, scale, and make an impact.

Skye High is a Brand & Web design agency that delivers innovative and meaningful digital experiences.

A modern website design is just one component of the ecosystem. Our holistic process uncovers your unique solution to your customer’s problem, and builds every brand element around that relationship, from your brand strategy and website to SEO services and email marketing.

Our 2-phase approach leaves zero room for error.

Each project we work on is unique and complex in its own way. At the beginning of any project, it’s almost impossible to know exactly what’s included in the scope of work. This is why we take a 2 phase approach with most of our projects. Read on to learn exactly about what these 2 phases entail. 

Phase 1 includes:

Brand Foundations

We start every project with Brand Strategy —a collaborative process that forces you to think critically about your customer, their needs and your service as it’s solution. It will allow us to get a better sense of your offerings, in turn the pages needed for your website. 

We then draft your Brand Voice Guide: the words, phrases and mood set throughout your web copy, social media, emails, and every other platform that connects you to your customer. We complement this with your Brand Values and Mission, which is a distilled, easy-to-understand mission and vision statement for your company. We will identify your values as a business, your unique selling proposition, and create custom tag lines for your brand.  

Visual Brand Strategy

The visual brand strategy is the foundation for the design work. We will create a custom mood board and color palette that will set the tone, styles and visual aesthetic for all of the designs we create. Once we’ve solidified the foundational work, we will build out the site architecture, creating a thoughtful and easy-to-use user experience. This will influence the scope of Phase 2, by judging how many pages are needed to tell the full brand story.

Brand Design

Next, we’ll design out a full brand package so you have all the brand elements you’ll need to tell a cohesive brand story. We'll do extensive research into fonts, graphic styles, photography and other visual elements. As an addition to Phase 1, we can work with you to name your brand by going through an extensive re-naming brainstorming process that will result in presenting a short list of our top choices. We'll also assist in researching available domains. 

Site Architecture

Once we’ve solidified the foundational work, we will build out the site architecture, creating a thoughtful and easy-to-use user experience. This will influence the scope of Phase 2, by judging how many pages are needed to tell the full brand story.

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Phase 2 includes:


Once the site architecture of Phase 1 has been approved, we are able to provide two options.

Option 1: We would share our copy template guide allowing you to write your own website copy using a structure that's clear, guided and easy to follow. This can include the support, consulting & editing from our copywriters. We will provide estimated editing hours that will be needed prior to proceeding.

Option 2: We will start with a minimum of 3 pages of website copy. This includes everything from the headlines to the button text. We begin with the Homepage copy, which will be the foundation towards writing the rest of the site copy. Upon approval of the homepage, we then jump into developing the copy for the remaining pages allowing for efficiency with feedback.

Web Design

The design work we do is holistic and uses cutting edge design trends and techniques. We’ll design out your entire website ahead of time, thinking strategically and thoughtfully about each page, state and interaction.

Web Development

Once all of the website page designs have been approved, our developers will custom code your website in Wordpress - allowing for layouts that are easy to edit and manage, as well as creating a thoughtful user experience that is clear and reflects an optimal site navigation.

The custom development of the site ensures a fully editable, responsive and clean code with up-to-date technologies. We will be mindful of layout, UX and styles so you have a fully designed/developed website that is strategically created to be seamless on mobile and desktop.

Additional Add-on Services

Whether you need social media template design, marketing collateral, email newsletter design, or something else, know that you have a full-service agency behind you to support you with whatever your needs are post-launch.

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your questions, answered


What platforms do you use?

As a full service web agency, we offer e-commerce website design for consumer goods companies and WordPress development for service-based companies. We create custom websites using WordPress, Shopify, and even Squarespace.  During your Free Consultation call, we’ll discuss your options and we’ll give our recommendation based on your business.

What’s included in your packages?

We offer three strategic (albeit customizable) packages that serve a broad scope of companies.  During your Free Consultation call, we’ll learn where you’re at, to pinpoint exactly what you need.  

I just need ____ (fill in the blank: business cards, a logo, a billboard with my miniature schnauzer’s face on it). Can you do that?

For former Skye High clients, yes.  But if you haven’t gone through our in-depth brand strategy process, we find that hodgepodge services don’t set you up for success.

What are your payment requirements?

A 50% non-refundable retainer is due at the time of booking, with the remaining balance due on the last day of your design period, before your launch. You’ll also need to purchase your domain and your annual or monthly hosting plan. COVID-19 Note: We understand that times are unprecedented and uncertain.  We’re offering flexible payment plans to those whose businesses are affected by COVID-19.  If you’re interested in this, please inquire during our consult call.

How do you accept payment?

Easy, digital invoices are sent via Quickbooks, which allows you to pay with a bank account. We do this to prevent no-fun credit card fees.

I know I really need this website, but am I gonna have to sell my cute left kidney to pay for it?

We get it. Launching your new brand or website can feel overwhelming.  But being a successful business owner means investing in your online presence.  Our packages deliver more than just pretty sites: you get conversions, increased profits and serious growth. 

How do I know that this investment will pay off?

We give you more than a beautiful site.  To connect you to your dream customers, we use results-driven strategies such as StoryBrand messaging, SEO services, and an intentionally designed user experience.  Your new brand and web presence will convert your audience into happy customers.

How long will it take to design (or re-design) my site?

Rushed work is stressful and less than perfect.  We’ll include a realistic timeline in your custom proposal, and keep you updated at every step of the process.

Is this more than a website?

Yes. From brand strategy to content marketing, we’re a full-service brand agency.  We tailor our services to fit your needs.

How do I know if you’re the right agency for me?

There are a lot of options out there, from five dollar logos to the world’s biggest web design agencies.  In our consult call, we’ll talk about your business’s current challenges, where you want to go, and how to get you there. But we’ll also get a feel for each other.  This is a relationship, and it works best when we really like each other.  In the meantime, check out our portfolio to see some of our work.

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