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October 7th, 2020

How to Achieve Sales Page Success


Is this your year to create a course, membership site or online learning of some sort? The content of the actual course is important, but it’s during these times when I think back to what my dad (serial entrepreneur, marketing professor) would say:

“Sell it first, then figure out how to make it”.

This is precisely the reason you need a sales page. And not just any sales page – but one that’s written and created strategically, thoughtfully and deliberately to SELL.


You need a sales page that:

  • Includes ALL the information your potential customers will  need to know so they’ll click that button! 
  • Dynamic and engaging so users don’t  get bored reading through all the content 
  • Makes the content easy to read (say NO to long paragraphs that span across the whole page!)
  • Uses visuals, images and other graphics
  • Gives people multiple options to purchase depending on their payment needs and preferences
  • Feels cohesive with the course or your brand

Let’s break it down…

1. include all the information

There are two types of online buyers out there:

  1. those that will skim your page just enough to convince them that your product or service is right for them – then they’ll purchase without giving it a second thought.
  2. those that need to read through every testimonial, detail, fine print and guarantee before making a purchase. Even then, they’ll probably still feel like they don’t know enough.

It’s the second group you’ll need to create your sales page for.

Include everything about your course in this page. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Who it’s for / who it’s not for
  • How it works
  • What you get
  • Who you are (or the course/content creator)
  • Testimonials
  • Bonus content
  • Price options (provide more than 1)
  • Multiple calls to action
  • In-depth look at each module

2. Use a template (or better yet, hire a writer)

Don’t attempt to sit down and write your sales page copy without any guidance or template – you’ll most likely be writing nonsense with little direction or goal. My advice is to do some research first and depending on your price point, consider purchasing a sales page template (like we sell here) or hire a copywriter to help you.

3: hire a designer (or use a template)

Again, just like the copy, don’t attempt to go at this blind. There are, however, options at different price points. For instance, we sell a Sales Page template via that’s offered at a much lower price point than hiring a designer or agency to design and build it custom. As always, it’s important to know your options and figure out what makes the most sense depending on your priorities and needs.

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