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Working Simply


After working with Carson Tate on her personal brand and website in 2020, she approached Skye High for a second time to work on the re-brand and redesign for her B2B business, Working Simply. This was a completely different ask — Working Simply is much more corporate and UX-focused than her personal brand.

the brief

Skye High was hired as Working Simply’s agency to handle the full re-brand and re-design of their company, Working Simply. The brand was in need of an overhaul; the existing brand and site lacked any energy or a strong brand design. Our job was essentially pump some new life into the brand while thinking critically about the user-experience of the site.

our approach

The color palette and mood board for this brand was created to feel professional, while soft and slightly feminine. Working Simply is still a primarily B2B company, so it needs a high level of sophistication, while also feeling approachable and personable.

brand identity

The Brand identity for Working Simply incorporates two completely different though complimenting fonts: a modern sans-serif for “WORKING” and a handwritten script for “Simply”. The two fonts paired together not only creates a subtle tie to Carson’s Tate’s personal brand, but creates a duality of feeling both professional while approachable; corporate while feminine.

extending the brand

As a way to ensure brand consistency, we redesigned all of their existing marketing collateral with the new brand styles. This is always an important final step in making sure all existing channels and materials are visually aligned. 

Visit the site

The best part of working with Skye High was experiencing the creative energy that went into the website design that brought our brand to life. They were incredibly thoughtful in their approach and did a great job balancing their professional recommendations and our specific wants and needs. We felt very involved throughout the entire process.

carson tate