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The Sibyls


The Sibyls is a curated space where modern women learn from leading experts about all things motherhood. It’s a supportive hub where women gain access to wisdom from leading voices in pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.

Abby Glenn, The Sibyls founder, came to Skye High seeking an agency partner to think big with her as she was planning this new business.


Skye High was hired as Abby’s full service agency to think through the optimal user flow for her curated digital experience. We were tasked with creating an experience that was both simple to use and purchase, but also one that could be seen as the premiere hub for mothers to learn on. We needed to create a brand that immediately resonated with their target demo, which as moms, was easy to step into the shoes of.

our approach

Our brand research on the audience told us these women were sophisticated and overwhelmed with the vast amount of information on the motherhood out there, so we knew we needed to create a brand and experience that felt both regal as well as clean and simple. We went with a visual aesthetic that felt bright and welcoming as well as having a sophisticated playfulness. We referred to it as a “cool mom” vibe – one that would feel elevated but also approachable.

Brand Identity

The Full Brand Collection

The Sibyls branding is a full collection that includes a primary logo, monogram mark, icon and pattern. The primary logo has an elegant, modern feel while remaining down-to-earth and approachable. The monogram utilizes the S for simplicity as well as the caption, “Modern Motherhood.” Succinct, clear and unforgettable. For the icon mark, we did a custom line art graphic depicting two women – one holding a baby and the other carrying a baby; their hair acting as the balance between the two.

the design

The design feels understated but also rich and layered. The color palette was a bit unexpected — incorporating muted, neutral tones with a bit of pastel as well. We wanted a pop with the cool red while using the blue muted blue as a secondary color.


The Result

In the end, we created a brand and digital experience for Abby that’s fluid, engaging and fun to visit. She’s constantly updating her webinar experts and content, which keeps the platform full of knowledge.

Becca immediately understood my business concept, took my seed idea and ran with it. She created a website that is unique, functional and exudes both my personality and my company’s ethos. Importantly, she is both incredibly creative and visual attuned, while also understanding the intricacies of e-commerce and user experiences. She blends beauty with functionality!

abby glenn