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Nancy Hala


Nancy Hala is a brand strategist, coach and writer. We’ve worked with her on Carson Tate and Sonia Choquette’s brands, and personally, we’ve known Nancy for years (where we worked together at RED Interactive Agency in Santa Monica, CA years ago). Nancy’s a brilliant strategist, writer and all-around human, and working with her for her own personal brand was a wonderful collaboration of our talents and friendship.

Nancy came to Skye High because she was in dire need of a new brand and website. After working with a few notable clients, she realized that her current brand was holding her back and her package and services were in need of a re-work. 

our approach

The color palette and mood board for Nancy’s brand was heavily inspired by elements of the Pacific Northwest – where she currently lives and calls home. The earthiness paired with the copper accents feel comfortable and welcoming. Nancy also wanted her brand to feel established – as she is – and with a feeling of warmth, connectivity and trust.

brand design

The original Nancy Hala logo consisted of a simple NH inside a boxed design. The logo was clean, but lacked meaning and felt a bit generic. Going off the earthy elements and vibe from the Visual Brand Strategy we created (pictured above), we wanted the logo to feel elegant while also stemming from nature. The end result is a logo that feels bold, fresh and professional.

a smarter way to website

Our websites aren’t only visually appealing, but they are also as smart and strategic as possible. Our dev team worked with us to build a custom quiz for Nancy to increase leads and create better engagement on the size. We then worked with her team to enable the post-quiz workflow via their Flodesk account.

brand collateral

As one of our final deliverables for the project, we designed out a few different pieces of marketing collateral that Nancy and her team could use in order to ensure visual cohesion. Below is a glimpse at the proposal template we created for her, along with a lead magnet PDF and Presentation template.

the result

Built on WordPress, this website showcases what we do best — countless custom elements and complex functionality that feels seamless and remains easy to use.