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Meet Dr. Roxanne Partridge, PhD, CHt, creatrix of embodyperiod. As a healer, scholar, creative, and activist, she offers a dynamic approach to healing and empowerment and believes in a woman’s rights to agency, pleasure, and self-knowledge. She’s been guiding women into their embodied wisdom and sovereignty for 14 years.

Roxanne came to Skye High with a DIY Squarepace site and brand that desperately needed an overhaul. It no longer reflected who she was, her work, her quality of services, and her experience in the field.

the brief

Roxanne came to us looking for a massive rebrand — essentially, tearing down her current brand and site and re-building from scratch (what we do best). From full strategy, brand design, photography art direction, styling and photography with our favorite brand photographer, Jenny Moloney, and a custom design and build in WordPress, embodyperiod received the full package.

our approach

The color palette and mood board for this brand was heavily inspired by rich colors, textures, and Paris in the 20s. Remedios Varo, Lenor Fini, and Leonora Carrington were infinite inspirations. The mood board feels whimsical yet sultry.

brand identity

The Dragonfly had been the logo; it’s both a personal totem and totem for the work. Dragonflies start off as water nymphs, surfacing after two years to shed skin, spread wings, and fly at dawn as fierce creatures at the intersections of water, earth, sky, light. We redesigned it and included elements of the medicine wheel/four elements as those are also meaningful to Roxanne’s work. Because the icon itself is so beautiful and detailed, we went with a simpler, modern sans-serif font for the business name, and an elegant script for the tagline.

photography art direction

When embarking on a personal brand, thinking strategically about the photography is critical. We always provide a Photography Art Direction guide, which includes a general slide on lighting and the overall art direction for the shoot, specific themes that we need to shoot, wardrobe ideas, location, props, and more. It’s an incredibly thorough document intended to be used and shared with the photographer in order to be aligned about the shoot.

The RESult

Built on WordPress, this website showcases what we do best — a brand and site that feels uniquely ownable to embodyperiod. The integration of little .mov elements (the smoke, flames, curtains, etc) bring the site to a new level. It feels alive like no other site we’ve created has ever accomplished.