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Carson Tate


Carson Tate is a renowned expert on workplace productivity. She is the founder and principal of Working Simply and serves as a consultant, coach and trainer to executives at Fortune 500 companies. She is also an author and speaker has featured in Forbes, Fast Company and The New York Times.

Carson came to Skye High after an initial engagement with another agency.  She and her team experienced subpar service, gaps in communication, and a lackluster design that didn’t align with Carson’s vision or the authentic feel of her brand.

Our Approach

When Carson hired Nancy Hala, the brand strategist and copywriter, Nancy knew Skye High was the agency that could take Carson’s brand to the next level and provide the level of service and thoughtful and holistic design process that Carson’s deserved. As the project got underway Carson was able to breathe a big sigh of relief.  

the process

When Becca discovered that Carson was designing and building her dream house as the brand and web project started, she insisted on seeing more. Carson shared a complete house mood board created by her interior designers that showed textures, colors, and the overall vibe of the new house. This board inspired the brand mood board and color palette, graphic elements and overarching design of the site. 

photoshoot prep

Although Carson had already held a photoshoot the images produced and felt staged and inauthentic and did not match Carson’s personality. Becca got to work and contacted the brilliant photographer Jenny Moloney, the photoshoot date was set and Becca helped Carson select a new wardrobe and provided art direction for the shoot. The resulting photos reflected Carson’s warmth, grace and intelligence and fit beautifully into reimagined brand. 

Going to Carson’s website feels like being welcomed into her home. It feels like Carson – and isn’t that what it’s all about anyway

View the Website

The best part of working with Skye High was experiencing the creative energy that went into the website design that brought our brand to life. They were incredibly thoughtful in their approach and did a great job balancing their professional recommendations and our specific wants and needs. We felt very involved throughout the entire process.

carson tate