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All the Happier (Sales Page)


All the Happier is an online course rooted in science & human story — to empower you with real tools to find connection, meaning & joy. Their curriculum is science based and practical — not the latest self development trends. They offer no false promises, no great secrets, no magic tricks. Just research-based methods and know-how to empower you for more joy.

the brief

Kimi Culp and Christy Peterson approached Skye High when they had the idea to co-create a course and needed help with creating a sales page to help promote it. They had a strong vision for the course and its branding — one that would be fun, joyous and “happy” (cue the name!).

our approach

The color palette and mood board for this brand was heavily inspired by feelings of joy. We wanted the colors and general styles to feel light and quite frankly, just make you want to smile. We incorporated a playful illustration style into the mood board that would later influence the custom illustrations we’d have designed for this page. 

The RESult

Built on WordPress, this sales page is not only engaging and interactive as you scroll through it, but the little custom illustrations and moving GIFs create a sense of playfulness on the page that further reinforces the brand pillars and messaging. All in all, it’s one of our favorites!